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Getting started with R scripts and R visuals in Power BI Desktop

The Power BI team announced its support to create R visuals in its recent update and in this tip we’ll help you get started by walking through what R is, how you can configure Power BI Desktop to run R scripts and create R visuals in Power BI desktop.

R is an open source and powerful statistical programming language used by statisticians, data scientists and researchers for data mining and data analysis. R scripts can be written using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like RStudio, Revolution-R and Live-R. If you are new to R, you can draw the following analogy of R to SQL queries for its application in Power BI Desktop. Like how a BI Developer creates queries in SSMS and uses it in a reporting environment such as SSRS, with this update we can use R scripts created in RStudio and use Power BI Desktop to create R visuals which will generate the same R visuals if they were to be created in RStudio.

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